He was in the gym working out, loving the new x-men underarmour he’d bought.  He didn’t know why he wanted it just felt like he had to buy it and wear it when he worked out.  He was listening to his music on his bluetooth headset connected to his phone when it started ringing.  He pulled his phone out of his pocket to see who was calling, he didn’t recognize the number but his finger moved to answer the call.

"Hello" he said and heard silence through the ear buds of his headset.

"Hello" he said again

"HypnoFun" a voice said on the other end and he shook his head as he was overcome with a wave of relaxation.  His eyes lidded and he tried to fight to keep them open.

"Wha-" He said,

"HypnoFun" again the wave hit him stronger this time and his cock jumped in his shorts.

He tried to speak again but was cut off by the voice,

"HypnoFun" the wave overtook him and his eyes closed and he slipped deep into trance as his trigger took hold.  His eyes opened again but they were unseeing and staring straight ahead.

"I Hear and Obey."  He said as his cock started filling with blood and he waited.

"Are you at the gym, Boy and wearing your new attire?"

"Yes Master" he responded with a moan and a grope to his cock.

"Excellent, go to the locker room and send me a picture."

"I Hear and Obey." He said and walked to the locker room and snapped a pic, he stood in that familiar pose that Master loved.

"Excellent, you look amazing."

"Thank you, Master"

"You will now go and finish your workout.  You will workout twice as hard as you did yesterday and work up even more of a sweat.  You will remain hard and on the edge but you will not cum.  You will remain in trance until you are done with your workout and then you will text me that you are done.  You will delete the text and then wake up, when you do you will leave the gym without showering and come to me.  Your subconscious  mind will guide your body even though your waking mind won’t know what’s happening.  You will come to my apartment, use the key that you have and come inside.  You will strip down and sit in your chair and stroke yourself and remain at the edge until I arrive.  Do you understand?"

The orders made their way into his mind and it was a lot to take in but he understood and he would obey.

"I understand, Master."

"Excellent, then get to it."

"I Hear and Obey." He said and the call ended, he slipped his phone back into his pocket and stepped back out into the gym to complete his instructions.

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He’s in the military. He likes Hanes. And that’s all that matters.


He’s in the military. He likes Hanes. And that’s all that matters.